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Axintor Interim is the specialist within the West Flemish employment market at finding the best temporary overseas workforce.  Axintor Interim is capable of achieving this in all sectors, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Building & Construction and & Logistics. We are a people-based company that prioritises in personal contact and open communication. We always strive for a sustainable balance between the wishes of the customer and the qualities of potential employees. In this way we have developed a complete result-oriented package with competitive and transparent rates. Axintor is "truly unlimited" in realising your potential and achieving our ambitions.

About Axintor

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Axintor interim has a talented and passionate team with an authentic Axintor spirit. "Truly Unlimited" in everything they undertake to bring strong results were everyone is a winner. "It’s all about the perfect match". Interested?  Hve you got the Axintor factor?



Have you got exceptional professional knowledge, motivation, flexibility and productivity. Look at our selection of long and short term interim jobs in Belgium.


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