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It's all about hospitality, personality and quality. It comes down to dedication, integration and motivation. Summarised: It's all about the perfect match! Thanks to our personalised approach and expertise in integrating foreign employees, we are a unique outsourcing partner. We firmly believe that quality has no boundaries. We are looking for and discovering the appropriate individuals to complement the workforce (m/f) for companies that are urgently looking for a solution. Without worries. Without risks. Regulated as it should be.


Those who wish to use foreign labour can count on Axintor's insight and expertise. After all, we have become the initiators in this specialty in the West Flemish employment market. In a sustainable and socially responsible way we cater for our temporary staff candidates and the companies that rely on us for a positive outcome. This ensures we build a result-oriented partnership. Our foreign agency workers are unique due to their positive work mentality, their flexibility, their professional knowledge and their remarkably low absenteeism. This is reflected in their commitment and they remain determined and focused on their set goals. Axintor interim, in turn, is committed to creating a pleasant and firmly stuctured framework in which their short or long term stay can be completed.


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