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Axintor Interim
About Axintor

In 2008 - 2009, we were affected by a profound worldwide economic recession. Unemployment rose sharply in Flanders. Nevertheless, domestic companies failed to find specific candidates to fill certain vacancies. There was an acute lack of skilled and motivated candidates for certain “shortage professions”.

Together stronger

In order to facilitate the search for these rare individuals, Klaas Vandendries and Liselotte Rombaut founded Axintor Interim and Axintor Construct in May 2009. The fledgling company focused on the search for motivated, foreign temporary workers with the right skills and attitudes to fulfil the existing gaps in the market.


Since then, Belgium has opened its labour market to the workforce from 'new' EU countries. The demand for Hungarian and Polish workers rose significantly. Thanks to the effective cooperation with independent partners in Poland and Hungary, we were able to fill outstanding vacancies and the young company could capitalise on its assets efficiently.

Meanwhile, Axintor interim has become the West-Flemish specialist in broadcasting foreign agency workers. With a well-stocked national and international database, Axintor finds a fast-paced solution for any company, including difficult to fill vacancies. The action radius has now been expanded to Spain and Portugal.

Once inside Axintor Interim?

Truly unlimited

Axintor Interim is a company of human scale where personal contact and open communication are of vital importance. In addition, we offer both companies and temporary workers a total package. At Axintor, everything is "truly unlimited". The evidence that this is not an empty slogan is evident from Axintor's growing success. After the opening of its headquarters in Veurne, they continued to grow and in 2011 opened a new branch in Roeselare. Soon we will broaden our horizons further with a brand new office in Ieper.

Our assets

  • Fast filling of positions, including the shortage vacancies
  • Flexible weekly contracts
  • Sustainable solutions, with flexibility/ options
  • Realistic rates and transparent billing
  • Everything arranged from A to Z (housing, contracts, insurance, transportation, reception & support)
  • Only selection of the best candidates
  • Motivated temporary workers with the right attitude and skills
  • High productivity, low absenteeism


About Axintor

Working for Axintor

Axintor interim has a talented and passionate team with an authentic Axintor spirit. "Truly Unlimited" in everything they undertake to bring strong results were everyone is a winner. "It’s all about the perfect match". Interested?  Hve you got the Axintor factor?

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