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Axintor will search and find for you the best candidate for the job. That is a promise. We operate both on the national and international labour market focusing firmly on this goal.

Foreign workers

Since the labour market for the "new" EU member states was opened, Axintor has acted as a temporary employment agency within this area. Local Human Resources consultants have been recruiting the most competent and motivated candidates for short and longterm contracts quickly and carefully in our recruitment and selection agencies especially in Poland and Hungary, but also in Lithuania and Romania.

Foreign workers are a solution especially for companies that require staff on short notice. There are often projects in sectors such as construction, production, logistics and technology where support from temps is required. High productivity, low sickness absence and high levels of technical knowledge and experience are significant advantages when choosing foreign temporary workers.

Axintor ensures that these Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian or Polish workers do not just work under the best conditions in Belgium but also that they have a good life. Read more about the accommodation and support of foreign workers.

Advantages offered by foreign workers

  • Very highly motivated candidates
  • Have at least a basic knowledge of English or French
  • High productivity and low sickness absence
  • Transparent invoicing and "all-in" rates

Our consultants will search, screen and select the best candidates for you. We will supply their CV after which you decide who will come for an interview and who ultimately fits best in your team.

Your advantages

  • No selection fee
  • Can be cancelled on a weekly basis
  • No cancellation fee

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