Why choose Axintor?

Our dedicated staff will look for a suitable job for you near your residence.

Where can I register?

Our offices can be found in Veurne, Roeselare, Ieper and Brugge or you can email your CV to Veurne@axintor.be, Roeselare@axintor.be, Ieper@axintor.be or Brugge@axintor.be.

What should I bring to an interview/ initial meeting?

To find a job which best suits your knowledge, experience and desires, we need information from you. Upon enrolment, we at need proof/ knowledge of the following:

  • Identity card
  • Bank Account number
  • License
  • CV and any diplomas and certificates
How will my salary be determined?

As a temporary employee of Axintor you are entitled to the same wages as a permanent employee who works under the same conditions in the same company. You are subject to the same social contributions and the same social benefits. The salary is determined by the collective agreements of the company you work for. It must correspond to at least the minimum wage that is fixed in the collective agreements of the sector to which that company belongs.

How will I get paid my wages by Axintor?

Each week Axintor pays your salary into your indicated bank account. The number of hours you’ve worked are recorded on a performance status by your employer. Please note we will reimburse the hours you have worked when we receive a signed proforma from the employer at the latest, by Wednesday each week.
Every week you will also receive your pay slip, which states your total wages (including allowances), hours worked and Social Security tax paid.

How much do I pay for payroll tax as a temporary worker?

There is minimum 11.11% withholding tax deducted from taxable wages. There is an opportunity to increase your withholding. You should inform your employment agency if you wish to take this opportunity.

What do I need to do if I am sick?

When you are sick, you need to notify Axintor before 08.30am and also the employer.
Axintor may at any time send a check/control doctor.
In order to be entitled to paid sickness you must meet the following conditions:

  • A Doctors note showing proof of sickness must be handed in to the Axintor office within 48 hours.
  • Minimum 1 month seniority (service) with Axintor
  • Illness must be reported immediately to the employer and to Axintor.

If any of these conditions are not met, then you will not be paid for sickness during the current contract.

What happens if I have an accident?

An accident is a sudden event that occurs during, before or after work with personal injury.
This should be reported immediately to Axintor.
The following things are very important:

  • Place, date and time of the accident
  • Description of the accident and its causes
  • injuries sustained
  • Identity of the person responsible for you within the company that can give information
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses

If there are medical concerns you must go immediately to a doctor. Temporary employees must provide all necessary documents and any certificates with related costs to the Axintor consultant.

Am I entitled to holiday?

If you are going on holiday, discuss this first, well in advance, with the employer and please also report it to Axintor so we can take this into account.
In order to be entitled to paid leave, you need to have built up holiday during the previous year. Through your vacation certificate we can calculate how many days of leave you are entitled to.

Am I entitled to holiday pay?

All performance as temporary count towards the accrual of holidays and holiday pay for the coming year. Holiday pay is 15.34% of the gross wage. For employees this holiday is paid in your salary. Temporary workers receive their holiday money through the National Office for annual leave during the month of May of the following year.

What does your contract as a temporary employee look like?

Your employment is a temporary work assignment. The contract must be in writing and signed before start-up. Each week, the temporary contract will be renewed for the following week.

Am I entitled to an end year bonus?

Temporary workers are entitled to a year-end bonus, during the reference period you should at least have been working 65 days in one or more authorized employment agencies.
If you, between 1 July and 30 June of the following year (= reference period), have been working for at least 65 days and equivalent days (= minus 3 months), you get a year-end bonus on your total gross income that you as a temporary employee earned during the reference year.
The net premium is about 63% of the gross premium.
The year-end bonus is paid in to your bank account by the European social fund for temporary workers in December after the reference year.
If you have worked only one day less than 65 working days in the year, you'll get no end of year bonus.

Authority that pays the end of year bonus: 
Social fund for temporary workers
Havenlaan 86c bus 302
1000 Brussels
Offices are open from 9am to 12pm


How old should you be to be able to work as a student?

You can work as a student from the age of 15 or 16 if you have finished your first two years of secondary education.
When you are older than 18 years you may work in shifts and perform night work.

How long can I work as a student employee?

From 1 January 2012, you can work a maximum of 475 hours per year as student worker. As long as you remain within those 50 days, you pay less social security contributions than an ordinary employee.

Can I work for more than 50 days?

If you wish to work more than the fifty days, that you are entitled to, you can, but you lose the advantage of the reduced social contributions. You have to pay the normal social contributions for employees who work longer hours.

Do I pay higher social contributions, depending on the number of employers for whom I have worked?

If you have worked more than 50 days for the same employer, the normal social security contributions are due from day 1.
If you have worked more than 50 days at different employers, the normal social security contributions are due from day 51.

I only work a few hours per day. Does that count as a full day?

Yes, every day you work counts as a day worked. So even if you only work half a day or even an hour, a day of your remaining days will be deducted.

Am I only allowed to work as a student during the summer?

You can choose when you work and for how long. From 1st January 2012, a student employee is no longer restricted to work for only one season.

How much will I earn?

That depends on the sector in which you will work. Within a sector, collective agreements may be concluded that (minimum) wages are agreed on.
If no agreements within the sector were concluded, your pay is determined on the basis of the guaranteed average minimum, monthly salary.

Gross and net: what is the difference?

The gross wage is the wage that the employer pays his employee. The employer shall deduct the social contributions and taxes (income) that an employee is owed. The remaining amount is the net wage.
If you work with a student contract and you stay within the 50 days, then you only have to pay a solidarity contribution to social security. This is much lower than the normal social contribution.
The solidarity contribution is 2.71% of your gross salary. Also, your employer must pay a solidarity contribution, equal to 5.42% of your gross salary.
If you only pay the solidarity contribution, in most cases you do not pay taxes. You only have to submit a declaration.

Am I entitled to vacation and holiday pay? What about holidays?

Holidays and holiday pay are reserved for employees who normally pay social security contributions. If you only need to pay a solidarity contribution, you will not be entitled to holiday pay.
You may be entitled to statutory holidays (Christmas, Easter, national holidays ...) dependant on the situation.

Should my parents pay taxes if I'm a job student?

This depends on whether you are considered "dependant" on your parents.
"Dependant" means that you are financially reliant on your parents. Parents with dependent children, pay fewer taxes.
If you work as a student and you get paid above a certain limit, then you are no longer dependant on your parents and you may have to pay more taxes. If you have a disability, it might affect the limit.
The threshold amounts where you are no longer dependant change every year. You will find the latest situation on the website of the Ministry of Finance

Will my parents retain child support?

If you work less than 240 hours in the first, second and fourth quarter your parents are entitled to child benefit.
If you work more, you will not get child benefit for the quarter in which you have worked too much.

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