Car Mechanic


Job description

  • working independently on oldtimers
  • Make diagnostics and repairs where needed
  • Changing oils
  • Broken parts removing and replacing
  • Replace or repair engines, gearboxes, clutches, suspensions, starts, etc.

Required skills

  • Education: Technical school as mechanic or equal by experience
  • Language: English
  • Experience: + 5 years with oldtimers
  • Passion for oldtimers

We offer you a job to work with the most beautiful oldtimers in the world: Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat, BMW, Bentley, etc.

You work with the best working tools in the world in this business and in an internationally known company.

Contract type: 
Interim, with option fixed
option fixed
Education level: 
Technical school
Work schedule : 

Satisfied customers

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