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Do you want to recruit motivated, temporary or permanent staff for you company? Do you also expect perfect professional knowledge, a high productivity and flexibility? Axintor will find the most motivated temps and permanent workers for you!

Axintor is a temporary employment agency and a recruitment and selection agency in one that specialises in finding the best temporary workers. Axintor operates in all sectors including the construction sector. We trust a network of our own recruitment and selection agencies within Belgium and on an international level for this.

Axintor is operational in the following sectors

  • Construction
  • Metal and Technology
  • Logistics
  • Production

Recruitment and selection of staff

You can specify which profiles you are looking for during a meeting with your Axintor account manager. With this information, our local Human Resources consultants will search, screen and select in Belgium and abroad for the most suitable candidates. Not just the correct competences and motivation are important within this context, we will also determine whether the candidates fit within your team.

Together we will realise your objectives

To improve communications and efficiency, you have one contact within Axintorr. Your account manager is your dedicated contact and person of trust who will know your company through and through. However, an entire team of motivated employees is in the background ready to realise your objectives. This will ensure that a suitable solution will be found quickly for all your staffing needs.

Our local HR consultants

Depending on your requirements, your account manager will brief the different Axintor Human Resources consultants. We can guarantee that they will find the worker who meets your requirements in their extensive databases with motivated and professional candidates.

Foreign worker coordinator

A coordinator is in charge of our  foreign workers at each of our Belgian agencies. He or she will speak their language and will remain their first point of contact 24 hours a day and 7 days a week both before and during their stay in Belgium.

We will also follow your file closely during the temporary employment period to ensure we can anticipate on changed conditions as efficiently as possible.

In short: Axintor works quickly and accurately while focusing on people.

Satisfied customers

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