Insecure about your future because of the Brexit? Time for a new job? Axintor Interim creates opportunities for foreign employees!

Many foreign employees that are active in the United Kingdom, feel insecure about their future after the Brexit. Will they still be able to work in the UK? What will the economic impact be? Will their employment be pushed aside because of it? …
Many even think to seek for new horizons and to launch themselves into a new job with perspectives.

Also looking for a new, correctly paid and interesting job? 
Just cross The Channel! You are very welcome at Axintor Interim!

Axintor Interim is the Belgian expert in the employment of foreign employees. The companies that work with us are looking for enthusiastic workers with the right skills and drive. Axintor Interim will find a perfect match. 

Our temporary workers work with flexible weekly contracts and receive a correct Belgian wage. Axintor Interim offers an extended support: nice welcome, settlement of contracts, introduction to the company, accommodation in our Axintor residences, own means of transport (bikes, scooters, cars) …

Take the step and contact us! It doesn’t matter which exact profile you have or what job it is that you are looking for. We currently have a lot of jobs in production, metal, technics, machine control, electricity and logistics. We are looking for maintenance technicians, welders, CE drivers, CNC operators, industrial cleaners, packers, seasonal workers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, floorers, form workers and masons, …

uitstroom poolse werknemers
Uitstroom Poolse werknemers heeft impact op Belgische arbeidsmarkt
Axintor Interim viert 10-jarig bestaan met citytrip naar Krakau
Technische kennis is niet meer weg te denken uit het selectieproces
"In een globale economie is het normaal dat arbeid de grenzen oversteekt."

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